Ice Times

Club Ice starts November 6-January 29 from 4-5 pm

For skate zone freestyle times, click here. 

Directions to Atlantic City Skate Zone.

Atlantic City Skate Zone
501 Albany Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Phone Number: (609) 441-1780

For coaches schedules and classes, please contact
Tammy DeFelice at


-Sign-In/Out Book will be on the table during Club Ice. Before you go on the ice, please remember to sign in (indicate # of sessions skating), leave your ice card to be checked, and sign out when you leave the ice.


-All skaters must adhere to the ice rules for the safety of all skaters at all times! With many skaters preparing for tests in MIF, Dance and FS, as well as preparing for competitions, it is imperative that all skaters adhere to the ice rules for the safety and consideration of others at all times.
-Every skater must be aware of other skaters at all times!
-Skaters whose program music is being played, have the right of way.
-All skaters must keep moving at all times.
-No standing in the middle of the ice or at the boards.
-No tag, socializing or gathering on the ice.
-If a skater demonstrates inappropriate behavior, as stated above, the coach/ice monitor/director has the right to ask the skater to vacate the ice and sit out for the rest of the session with NO reimbursement of ice time.
-Let’s have a safe and successful season of skating!!
-Ice Music Etiquette:  Please place music in line to be played in order of line up.  Music for program practice may be played one time, then moved to the end of the line.  Skaters in a lesson have the right to have their music played with requested by a coach. Parent volunteers will be assisting in playing of music during club ice.